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Aquachain Miner

Descentralized processing (AQUA)
Coin logo
Algo(s): Argon2id
Liquidity Score: 0
  • CPU Only
  • Fixed Supply

Aquachain is not yet on Hostero

Benchmarks and mining are going to be available when the coin is integrated.

Aquachain Description

Aquachain - A distributed financial computing platform, secured by proof of work.

It is a cryptocurrency, with smart contracts, capable of rapid change in protocol. Changes can be to keep up with technology, or make changes to the consensus rules to add features. Without a pre-mine, pre-sale, ICO, or dev funds, Aquachain was created as a more experimental, slower, fair launch alternative to other smart contract platforms.

Unlike other coins that support smart contracts, Aquachain doesn't have "token standards" and doesn't promote support for "token contracts".

Aquachain is dedicated to ASIC resistance, and has the ability to change POW quickly, given consensus.