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Callisto Miner

Cryptocurrency and Free Smart-Contract Security Audits (CLO)
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Algo(s): Ethash
Liquidity Score: 7.669
  • Fixed Supply

Callisto is not yet on Hostero

Benchmarks and mining are going to be available when the coin is integrated.

Callisto Description

Blockchain as seen by Security Experts.

Since its launch by the developers of Ethereum Commonwealth (Ethereum Classic), Callisto Network focused its attention on the weakness of the cryptocurrency space, namely the security.

We have dedicated ourselves to securing the smart contract environment. To date, we have audited no less than 350 smart contracts, making us the industry leader.

With this experience, we have established Callisto Enterprise, a branch company focusing on enterprise applications of blockchain technology. Several major public transport companies from central and eastern Europe have joined us in this initiative.

First Cold Staking Coin.
Smart Contract Audits.
Smart Contract Migration.
BaaS - ( Callisto Enterprise ).
DeFi Solution ( Soy.Finance ).
Stablecoin ( BUSDT ).
Telegram Wallet ( CryptoBot ).