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Nimiq Miner

Simple, secure and censorship resistant cryptocurrency (NIM)
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Algo(s): Argon2
Liquidity Score: 0

Nimiq is not yet on Hostero

Benchmarks and mining are going to be available when the coin is integrated.

Nimiq Description

Nimiq is a cryptocurrency which prides itself as the blockchain designed for simplicity it is one of the only cryptocurrencies to operate completely within a browser. This, essentially, removes any sort of confusing or cryptic parts of adopting the cryptocurrency and ensures an extremely low adoption barrier. Additionally, the implementation of the coin is very light, which allows for a very fast network. Nimiq originally began as an ERC20 (Ethereum) token, known as NET or Nimiq Exchange Token. Nimiq held its ICO throughout June and July of 2017, and raised over 10 million USD. NET trading was enabled shortly after the ICO, and development began on the projects Github. NET was converted to NIM, the currency that is based on the Nimiq blockchain and network, on March 31st of 2018.