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Unitus Miner

Ultra Secure, Energy Efficient Blockchain Technology (UIS)
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Algo(s): Argon2d, Skein, Lyra2RE2, X11, Yescrypt
Liquidity Score: 1
  • CPU Only

Unitus is not yet on Hostero

Benchmarks and mining are going to be available when the coin is integrated.

Unitus Description

Unitus comes from the English word United. The name was inspired by the idea of bringing together smaller cryptocurrencies and its communities into a larger group. Unitus runs on multiple algorithms - Lyra2RE2, Skein, Qubit, X11 and Yescrypt. All algorithms can be merge-mined (AuxPoW). There is a 1 minute block time for Unitus with each algorithm having its turn after every 5 minutes. There is no pre-mine or ICO for Unitus and the coins were distributed purely from mining rewards.