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Meet Hostero, a mining software for CPU mineable cryptocurrencies.

Start mining cryptocurrency in just a few minutes.

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We have enabled payments with WebDollar into Hostero. Start Mining ›
Meet the Dashboard

Easily manage Miners

Hostero enables you to manage your miners from one dashboard, from anywhere.
  • Deploy your Hosts
    Monitor your Servers

    All of your servers in one interface, complete with charts and statistics.

    Stop wondering what your servers are doing.

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  • View the Miners
    Control your Miners

    See all the miners deployed, check the status, delete, and re-deploy them.

    Never worry again if they are mining.

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  • Settings
    Manage your Settings

    Settings that apply to all miners, and individual ones.

    Miner configurations done right.

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Comprehensive Statistics

Monitor everything

You can view real-time and historical charts with your miners and servers, as well as aggregated metrics.
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Miner Statistics
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Easy to get started

Using our Universal CPU miner, you can start mining in a matter of minutes, on any number of devices.

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Multiple CPU mineable cryptocurrencies

Universal CPU Miner

We support multiple cryptocurrencies, plus a suite of additional time-saving integrations.
Quick Installation
Easy Deployment
Real-time Logs
We answer your questions


Frequently Asked Questions.
How to install

Installing Hostero only takes about 5 minutes. Follow the Getting Started guide.

No. We only provide the software to run on your mining nodes.

Check out the pricing section. Hostero is free for running one miner, for ever.

Big and small miners benefit from a central hub where they can control all their mining nodes. Hostero also abstracts the installing and compiling mining software on your servers.

No. You can only run CPU miners at the moment.

There is no performance change from mining with Hostero instead of the official miner.

Currencies on Hostero
WebDollar + many more

We compiled a directory with cryptocurrencies that can be mined with CPU

CPU Mineable Coins ›

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Password: demodemo

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