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Multiple coin
CPU Miner

Mine over 10 cryptocurrencies, on any number of devices, using the CPU Miner. It can be installed in a couple of minutes. No advanced skills required.
1 Minute Average installation time
11 Cryptocurrencies you can mine
0.2 € Cost / miner / month

Run this command in the Terminal:
curl https://www.hostero.eu/install | sudo sh

Note: The installation script installs Docker on your system. Support: Ubuntu 16.04 (and 18.04). For experimental support, check out Getting Started.
Mine multiple cryptocurrencies

Why use CPU Miner?

Leverage a big suite of time-saving features complete with third-party integrations.
Quick Installation
Easy Deployment
Real-time Logs
We answer your questions


Frequently Asked Questions.
How to install

Installing Hostero only takes a few minutes. Follow the Getting Started guide.

No. We only provide the software to run on your own hardware.

Check out the pricing section. Hostero is free for running one miner, for ever.

Big and small miners benefit from a central hub where they can control all their mining nodes. Hostero also abstracts the installing and compiling of the mining software.

No. You can only run CPU miners at the moment.

There is no performance change from mining with Hostero instead of the official miner.

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